Custom Metal Stamping Services

Metal stamping is one of the most common metal fabrication processes because its versatility makes it useful in so many industries and applications. Complex metal components are essential in an expansive array of machinery and products. Metal stamping is still a complicated process, making it important to seek a quality vendor that can achieve fast production without sacrificing quality.

Knight Manufacturing offers expert custom metal stamping services to order, with fast turnarounds and highly competitive pricing. We handle all orders and tooling under our own roof. We can accommodate blanket orders and stock parts for when our customers need them.

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Metal Stamping Services and Capabilities

We work with materials like aluminum, copper, carbon steel, brass, stainless steel, titanium, bronze, nickel alloy, and many more to create ferrules, eyelets, grommets, rivets, or whatever your project requires. As a specialty shop, we work closely with our clients to meet their unique needs and fulfill custom orders.

Our metal stamping capabilities include:

• Tolerances of 0.0005”, sometimes even tighter depending upon the particular component
• Part thicknesses ranging from 0.060” to 0.125” inches
• Maximum draw depth of 2.5”
• Maximum blank diameter of 4”
• Press speeds up to 200 cycles per minute, with a maximum press rating of 100 tons

We can also provide access to a variety of value-added services, ensuring an end-to-end solution for metal stamped components. Available secondary services include:

• Die design and manufacturing, including custom dies
• Storing and maintaining existing customer dies
• Cad design
• Engraving
• Plating
• Anodizing
• Heat treating
• Light assembly
• Passivation
• Powder coating
• Painting
• Welding
• Degreasing
• Packaging
• Statistical process control

We can handle production runs of all sizes, from low volumes up to millions of units.

Industries Served

We’ve been supplying a wide range of industries with high-quality drawn shells and stampings since 1975. Some particular components, like our hose ferrules, are used within several industries, while we produce other parts for specific, unique purposes. Our customers come from a myriad of sectors, including:

• Aerospace
• Agriculture
• Appliances
• Automotive
• Construction
• Electrical
• Food and beverage
• Fire suppression
• Furniture
• Government
• Medical
• Military
• Semiconductor

No matter what area of business you call home, we’re happy to discuss your process and build the custom solutions you need.

We utilize a Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory approach, so we produce precisely what is needed, minimizing waste and reducing costs. This has the positive ripple effect of reducing costs for our customers and their customers. We fulfill blanket orders as well, so you can rest assured your components will arrive when you need them on an ongoing basis.

Since we do everything in-house, from quotes and design to production and packaging, we can deliver orders quickly and cost-effectively. We understand surprises come up sometimes, so we also reserve capacity for rush and emergency orders. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you find yourself in urgent need of specific components.

To learn more about our metal stamping services and capabilities, please contact us or request a quote.